Saturday, May 12, 2012

Free Product Samples

As I used this free sample of body wash from Clean & Clear this morning, it got me to thinking. I find it well worth a few seconds of my time to sign up for free samples I come across online. Because I do this, I receive free stuff in my mailbox just about everyday (one day I got 9!). This particular body wash has so far lasted 7 uses and there is still over a third of the bottle left!

So my question is, how many of you all take advantage of the free samples I (or other bloggers) post? If you don't, I want to share a few pointers to help make it quick and easy.

*First, create a "junk" email account you can use just for signing up for freebies and coupons. Companies that give away free samples or coupons require you to put in an email address, which sets you up for junk mail (AND coupons!).

*Use Auto-Fill to quickly fill out forms when they are REALLY good freebies that will go quick (like the FREE Dominos pizzas not long ago).

*When you can't get the page with the form to load, keep refreshing! Sometimes, too many people are trying at the same time and the page gets bogged down.

Follow these simple steps and you too can get awesome freebies in your mail.

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