Friday, June 22, 2012

Save 5% on Every Transaction at Target With Target REDcard Debit Card

Most people would love to have a Target in their town. I know I am. However, it is a 45 minute round trip in drive time, so I rarely go. But I did stop in to do a little shopping yesterday and found something I think is pretty awesome.

At the checkout, the cashier asked me if I would like a Target REDcard. I politely said "oh, no thanks, I don't use credit cards". She proceeded to tell me that they have Target debit REDcards that link to your checking account. Hmmmm, sounds easy enough, but how do I benefit?? Well....every time you use it in stores or online you SAVE 5%. Instant savings for just shopping. Yes please! PLUS, Use this Target debit card to always get FREE shipping at (on top of the 5% savings!).

SIGN UP HERE or ask the cashier next time you are checking out.

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