Thursday, August 30, 2012

Save Money at the Pump

Isn't that the truth! Gas prices have gone thru the roof recently. I wanted to share a few tips on how to save money when it comes to fueling up.

*DON'T SPEED!! I know, I know,  this IS common sense....but did you realize according to, for every 5 miles an hour you drive over 60 mph, it's like paying $0.24 more per gallon?? This tip alone could save you a ton of money over the course of one week.

*Limit air conditioner use. Obviously, when it's blazing hot outside, you aren't going to ride in a hot car to save a few cents here and there. But studies have shown that you can lose on average 1 mpg with the air on. So my opinion, use it if you need it, but run it on the recirculation setting when possible.

*Combine errands. I am pretty adamant about this one in our home. I never make a quick trip to the store just to grab a loaf of bread. (Seriously, $1.00 loaf of bread would end up costing $3 or $4!) If you have an appointment, plan your errands for the same day. If possible, get in the habit of making a weekly trip to get everything done.

*Don't carry around extra weight in your car. It would seem like this wouldn't make much of a difference. Did you know an extra 100 lbs can reduce your car's gas mileage by 2%?

*Cruise control!! This one really needs no explanation. If you are 70mph+ driver, set your cruise on 65. Enough said :)

*Keep your engined tuned up and you can save up to 4% in fuel costs.

For other fuel saving tips check out the FTC Consumer Protection section HERE

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