Monday, September 17, 2012

Very Cheap Homemade Carpet Cleaning Products

Carpet cleaning solution and spot remover can be very expensive. However, to extend the life of your carpet, these products are necessary. Did you know you don't have to purchase them from the store? That's right, 3 inexpensive ingredients that you should already have on hand will clean and freshen your carpets just as good as the expensive stuff you get at the store.  

What you need:
White Vinegar
Baking Soda

If you have some spots that need removed before you steam clean, try this.

Mix some baking soda with white vinegar to make into a paste. Scrub into the stain. Let it dry, then vacuum up the dry baking soda. If it is a bad stain, it might need to be treated again.

To make a solution for a carpet cleaning machine mix equal parts hot water and white vinegar. Use machine as directed.

This makes a cheap cleaner that works really well. It sanitizes, deodorizes and is kid/pet friendly. Try it once and you will never buy carpet cleaning products from the store again.

*Test on a small area of the carpet first.


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