Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Murfin's Market Sale 11/28-12/4

There are some very good buys at Murfin's Market this week! You can view the ad HERE, but I'm going to highlight some of the great items for you. This ad runs 11/28-12/4. If you don't have a Murfins near you, you can price match at Walmart.

Find a location near you.

*NOTE- Most Walmart stores WILL price match the items that require "Murfin's Dollars" to get the sale price.

*Hiland Cottage Cheese, 24 oz- $1.59 (w/40 Murfin's $)

*Progresso Soups- 2/$2 (w/40 Murfin's $)

*Crystal Granulated Sugar, 4 lb- $1.78 (w/40 Murfin's $)

*Always Save Apple Juice, 64 oz- $0.99 (price match with Great Value)

*Red Baron Pizzas- $2.99

*Hiland Orange Juice 1/2 gallon- $1.49

*Green Bell Peppers= $0.59

*Pepsi Next or Sierra Mist 2 liters- $0.99

*Best Choice Chunk Cheese- 3/$5 (price match with Great Value, GREAT BUY!)

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